PSD Créations Eco comprises a dynamic team of communication professionals : :

  • Dominique Rousseau :
    Chief executive - Graduate from the Estienne School of Graphic Arts - Paris
  • Sophie Texier :
    Artistic Director and Project Manager
    Engineering and Environmental Communication Policy
    IEP Aix en Provence, part-time lecturer at the University of Provence et des Pays de Vaucluse

Fully involved in the tasks entrusted to them, PSD Créations Eco has been providing its customers with its expertise for more than five years. Efficiency, reactivity and creativity are our key words... hand in hand with our clients from concept to completion.

Your media events are analysed and designed in order to minimize their environmental impact while maximizing their efficiency and quality : :

  • Message Design
  • Choice of means of distribution
  • Choice of materials, weights, colours, formats ...
  • Selection of suppliers for manufacturing (Imprim'vert Labels, PEFC, FSC, ...)
  • Logistics.

Rather than being a constraint, this approach fosters the emergence of concepts and innovative and creative achievements.

Our commitment :

To demonstrate our eco-friendly philosophy :

PSD Créations Eco has set up its own sustainable development policy : internal waste management, eco-friendly purchases, resource management, travel.......